We Prioritize Source, Nutritional Extraction, Flavor and Sustainability.

We believe that eating quality food is the most satisfying and sustainable path to nutritional excellence. Maximizing health-span and longevity should be delicious! We see mealtimes as opportunities to nourish the body, connect with family, and savor foods that amplify energy and vitality.

Chaga and Reishi are the two most powerful medicinal mushrooms in the fungi kingdom. Unfortunately, these potent species have been left out of culinary application. Compared to most mushrooms they are difficult to find, difficult to harvest, difficult to process and not especially tasty. This is why they are frequently sold as powders, pills, and tinctures where they end up bitter to the taste or forgotten in the supplement cabinet.

We think King and Queen of Medicinal Mushrooms deserve royal treatment. We wanted to bring the full potency and bioavailability of these treasured medicinals and make them superfoods in the kitchen. 

People often reference the Hippocrates quote "Let food by thy medicine..." yet somehow forget to find ways to honor the second part which says "AND let medicine be thy food." Chaga and Reishi have not been given that path to a proper culinary debut... until now!

SHRUUM culinary drizzles empower the nutritional profile of your plate, enhancing your mealtime experience by making flavor to be a gateway for health and longevity!

Our team designed a quadruple extraction process to obtain the widest spectrum of beneficial compounds at their highest potencies. Using carefully regulated temperatures and pressurized environments we combine Chaga and Reishi with tapioca glycerin (from Cassava root) allowing us to extract maximum bio-active nutrients in a silky sweet reduction ready for delicious mealtime creativity.

We insist on using only the finest mushrooms from wild and wild-crafted sources. This means Chaga is wild harvested, foraged from the trunks of live birch trees in the boreal forest of Denali, Alaska. Reishi comes to us from the Appalachian region of West Virginia where they are grown on fallen maple and oak logs using sustainable agricultural forestry practices placing them in the "wild-crafted" category.

Our mission is to maximize the medicinal benefits of mushrooms by providing delicious and functional applications for these superfoods in the culinary space. We believe that source and process are critical, we are dedicated representing the highest level of nutritional and environmental integrity.